• Meet the Doulas

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    Denali/ Noonie Gillaspie (they/them)

    Denali/Noonie (they/them) is a queer, genderqueer, Asian-American doula living on Leni Lenape land//West Philly. They are led by the belief that each person is the expert of their own experience. They were trained as a full spectrum doula with Ancient Song Doula Services in 2019 and support individuals and families to advocate for their bodily autonomy through prenatal, birth, and postpartum.


    To nurture community, they distribute free food in Philadelphia with the mutual aid project, Bunny Hop. To nurture self, they like to write letters and postcards to loves near and far, propagate house plants, feel the way their nervous system relaxes in nature and wide open spaces, read an unmanageable amount of books at the same time, pole dance, write and record commissioned songs for babies and families, and dance in the kitchen.


    email: denalig@gmail.com

    IG: @dahnoonie

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    Shakera Holness (she/her)

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    Jacks Overstreet (she/her)

    Jacks (she/her) is a white queer femme birthworker who is passionate about co-creating expansive, competent, and celebratory spaces for queer and trans birthing people here on occupied Leni Lenape land (Philadelphia). Utilizing a holistic approach to her work as a birth and postpartum doula, Jacks integrates evidence based education, mindfulness practices, and nutritional guidance. She merges these offerings with a commitment to center and uplift the personal stories, desires, and experiences of the people she works with. Jacks is trained as a trauma-informed practitioner, and as such, is a strong advocate for survivors of sexual violence. With more than 20 years in study and practice as a community herbalist, she brings a wealth of knowledge of plant medicine, offering greater support and well-being to her clients and their families. Jacks loves to help facilitate a grounded sense of meaning, confidence, connection, and self determination with her clients through every stage of their unique reproductive journeys.


    When she is not supporting her clients, Jacks can be found cooking for her gorgeous queer family, being blown away that it took her 40+ years to realize that she actually likes exercise, walking her naughty (but charming) dogs in the woods, dreaming and scheming on how to best organize her apothecary, and wondering if she’ll ever get to grow the peonies of her dreams.



    IG: @tworiversdoula

    email: tworiversphilly@gmail.com

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    Meg Mauger (she/her)

    Meg (she/her) is a white queer femme birth and postpartum doula based out of West Philly. Her care is gentle, nurturing, upbeat, tailored to each person and relationship centered. She is dedicated to providing not just “affirming”care for LGBTQ+ folks, but full on celebrating their badass selves. She’s especially called to the tenderness and necessity of postpartum care and is passionate about supporting people into their journeys of becoming parents, from birth into the first year. Building community around parenthood is central to her work. She loves facilitating connections among her clients and resources in their communities, because parenting is seriously not meant to be done alone!


    Outside of doula-ing, you can find her walking in the woods with her partner and pup, cooking and hosting themed events for her pod, sitting on her front porch talking to strangers, making herbal medicines, and adoring and/or being offended by the grittiness of Philly. Before becoming a doula, Meg did a cross-country bike tour, taught kiddos about growing food and being in nature, and became a lifelong student of herbal medicine. She believes that in caring for and supporting folks through the transitions of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, we can raise up the next generation with enough love to steward our planet and fellow humans.



    IG: @nestedbirthdoula

    email: nestedbirthdoula@gmail.com